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  • Charity Dispute, Local Politics and the Cost of Living Crisis
    Charities and the Cost of Living: The current cost of living crisis will have many households evaluating their finances. While today’s crisis refers to the cost of everyday essentials rising faster than average incomes, for many of our ancestors the cost of living was a constant struggle. The records of parish charities are often underusedContinue reading “Charity Dispute, Local Politics and the Cost of Living Crisis”
  • A Word of Warning!
    Time and time again I see comments about the difficulty of researching before the introduction of civil registration in 1837. It seems like entries of birth, marriages and deaths, as well as the 1841-1921 censuses have become the go-to resources. The commercial genealogy companies certainly aim to publish the ‘big-ticket’ sources that generate the mostContinue reading “A Word of Warning!”
  • Guest Blog and Twitter’s #AncestryHour
    Guest Blog I was delighted to be asked by Susie Douglas of Borders Ancestry and founder of #AncestryHour to write the July edition of her blog. The blog is entitled: ‘Navigating the Sea of Records: Royal Marine and Royal Navy Ancestors’ and can be read here: #AncestryHour I was also welcomed to the #AncestryHourContinue reading “Guest Blog and Twitter’s #AncestryHour”
  • A Village Steeped in Family History
    Visiting the places where our ancestors lived helps connect us with the past. My latest trip to Bledlow Ridge brought back many memories and reminded me of the stories shared by family members as well as those that I have uncovered through research.
  • Life After the Royal Marines – Theft, Fraud and Imprisonment
    When Matthew Buyrn joined the Royal Marines in 1812 under the name John Dunmore, he probably had little idea where life might take him. He served in the Marines for the next twenty-one years before he was discharged in 1833. This is the story of theft, fraud and imprisonment.
  • The Ashby Family of Radnage
    Connecting with distant cousins and other researchers can help add detail to our family history. This is a story of collaboration which helped me learn more about about my ancestors, including discovering never before seen family photographs.
  • Frederick Ashby, Sergeant 9707, 2nd Battalion, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
    Frederick Ashby was born on 9th December 1893 in Radnage, Buckinghamshre England. This is the story of a chairmaker’s son from rural Buckinghamshire. Follow Frederick’s story from his birth to his final resting place and everything in between.
  • Matthew Buyrn or John Dunmore?
    Family history research can often be complex and requires research into multiple sources of information. I have been researching for over twenty years and genealogy remains a passionate and rewarding pursuit. Uncovering the stories of our ancestors gives us a fascinating insight into their lives. This blog post will attempt to document some of the many sources that helped me discover the story of my fourth great grandfather, Matthew Buyrn (1793-1846), or should that be John Dunmore? You might be asking yourself what the name John Dunmore has to do with Matthew Buyrn but all will be revealed.


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